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Computer-Printer Communication

The Argentum Printer uses a direct command protocol analogous to but not compatible with G-code. This is due to the nature of the print head having 104 individually addressable nozzles per cartridge and operating on rasterized plotting, this opposes the vector based plotting, few tool-head arrangement for which G-code was designed. The pages listed below provide a reference for those wishing to branch, develop or hack their own versions of the printer command set.

Printer Side Firmware

The Argentum Printer uses an Arduino Mega 2560 as the processing and communications unit and all code is compatible with the Arduino bootloader (ie. modifications to firmware can be uploaded to the printer via the Arduino IDE through the USB port). Modifications, add-ons and updates can be written in the Arduino Programming language if the following guidelines are followed (to prevent interference with other processes).

A github repository of the printer side firmware has been made publicly available at:

Computer Side Software

The Argentum can be controlled via the USB interface using the Argentum Control (ArC) software in order to send individual commands or to stream a print file. ArC also takes the role of 'slicing' input images to generate control code recognized by The Argentum and will in the future contain the client side network interface to the RasPiFi system. ArC is currently being developed in the Python programming language and will be released under an open source license alongside the rest of the Argentum project in July-September 2014. Refer to this page for more information.

The Github repository:

RasPiFi Server Host

Coming soon...