Conductive Inks

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Argentum Ink Cartridges
Argentum Ink Cartridges.

There are a pair of inks used in The Argentum Printer to generate conductive tracks. One contains a Silver Nitrate solution and the other an Ascorbic Acid solution (with some other additives in both to improve print quality and reliability).

Replacement cartridges can be purchased from the Cartesian Co Web Store in pairs or individually (generally a set of cartridges will deplete around the same time).

It is possible to create new cartridges yourself but great care must be taken with the chemicals while generating the ink to

  • Prevent irreversible damage to the cartridge
  • Generate correct proportions to get appropriate conductivity and prevent internal blockages
  • Restrict waste of expensive Silver Nitrate powders
  • Prevent personal bodily harm.

It is strongly recommended that you do not undertake this unless you are 100% confident with all chemicals involved and have access to appropriate safety equipment.

A tutorial may be generated for this process in the future if a method suitable for personal home production can be synthesized.