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This is a guide to loading an inkjet cartridge into your Argentum mk 1.0 carriage. The following steps must be followed in loading/unloading a cartridge in order to prevent any damage to your system - the steps are quite straight forward but very important.

Whenever loading or unloading a cartridge ALWAYS use the pogo pin protector (shown in red), this is stored in the front right of your printer & there is a spare of the 1.5mm acrylic section supplied in your 1.5mm acrylic plate. If you don't use the protector, you may bend the pins that make contact with your cartridge - this is incredibly annoying to fix & will cause your cartridge to fire incorrectly.
Before each print, the cartridges must be primed to ensure that the liquid inside is prepared for maximum flow from the first set of firings. This is as simple as placing a piece of sponge, paper, or cloth over the nozzles and swinging the cartridge in a downward motion to force a small amount of liquid out (DO NOT use the same piece for both cartridges or you may block the cartridges). Some automated solutions to this process are currently being prototyped (including a small, low powered centrifuge and a small form factor pump that engages within the printer). Visually inspect the cartridge nozzles for blockages and if you are concerned, a cheap USB microscope will often reveal any problems (such as that included in the experimenters kit). Blockages will not occur if the cartridge is treated as per these guidelines (it will most likely be caused by having Ascorbic Acid wiped onto the Silver Nitrate cartridge or vice versa).
Now that you have primed your cartridge and HAVE THE POGO PIN PROTECTOR IN PLACE you can load in your cartridge as as shown here. The position shown here is for the ascorbic acid cartridge as indicated by the etching on the carriage, don't place the Silver Nitrate here as an extra precaution to avoid cross contamination.
This is how the cartridge should look when fully inserted, the top of the cartridge should line up with the top flat section of the side panel. If inserting both cartridges, you can now insert the Silver Nitrate cartridge into the other slot.
Now hold your cartridge in with one hand and gently slide out the pogo pin protector. If you try to close the cartridge clamp with the protector in place, the two parts will collide & interfere. This is done specifically so that you DO NOT close the cartridge clamp with the protector in place.
Finally, push the cartridge clamp into place as shown, there is a nub on the clamp that will force the cartridge against the pogo pins and hold everything tightly in place. When removing the cartridge, perform these same steps in reverse, making sure to use the pogo pin protector again.