Argentum Firmware Updating

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Each time you launch the Argentum Control software, it automatically checks for new versions of both itself, and the printer firmware. The current version of the Argentum Control software, and any available firmware versions are printed in the output window:


When you connect to your Argentum, the running firmware version is printed.


The latest version, along with archived versions, of the firmware are available to download from:

To flash a newer version of the firmware to your Argentum, connect to the printer and then select Utilities - Flash Arduino from the menu bar.


This will bring up the firmware selection dialog. Navigate to your downloaded firmware file, and select it. The flashing process will then begin.


The software will notify you when the flashing has completed, and will become unresponsive while the flashing is occurring. After the flashing process is complete, the software should automatically reconnect to your Argentum, and print the new firmware version.