Argentum Maintenance

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The Argentum printer itself requires very little maintenance, the only components that require regular upkeep are the cartridges in order to ensure a maximum print life-time. In depth steps on cartridge maintenance can be found here and *must* be read before attempting your first print to avoid causing any nozzle blockages.

The only other maintenance that needs to performed is to grease the linear rods used for the x,y gantry system. These carriages move along linear rods with plain metal bearings and the recommended type of lubrication to apply is Silicone grease which can be purchased from most bike repair stores, hardware stores or on-line in various locations. This need only occur roughly once every 12 months to ensure the rods do not wear down. To get to the y-axis rods, you can put some grease on a cotton tip or your finger and carefully apply it through the gaps in the internal walls. This process is much easier however, if you temporarily open the side shell panels.

NOTE: this grease is only applied to the hardened steel rods (all of these are a shiny silver colour), do not grease the idler rod in the rear of the machine at the bottom.

If you experience any faulty components from shipping or happen to break any components, contact us here for assistance.