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Surface mount components are quickly becoming the industry standard for electronics as they are cheaper to produce, ship and assemble onto PCBs. However, you can't use a breadboard to test surface mount parts - you need to solder your parts onto a board. Additionally, soldering techniques are different and learning a new way of soldering means the potential to destroy expensive circuit boards and components.

With the Argentum, the boards themselves become disposable and very quick to make. This removes much of the anxiety that you might have in surface mount soldering and makes it just as quick to prototype surface mount parts as through hole parts.

If you don't have a stock of surface mount components and want to get started, check our pre-made component kits. These kits contain collections of useful components that let you jump straight into designing and making your circuits.

Name Image Description
MacGyver Kit
The MacGyver kit is a comprehensive kit of basic components - it comes with all the basics you'll need such as: LEDs, switches, battery mounts, regulators, MOSFETs etc. Also includes other handy things like an AVR programmer, a syringe of Silver Conductive Epoxy, strips of Z-Axis Tape & surface mount Micro USB plugs with cables. All of this comes in a handy little organizing container, perfect for travelling or on your desk next to your Argentum.
Deluxe MacGyver Kit
The deluxe MacGyver kit comes with everything in the standard Macgyver kit plus an extensive pack of 1206 resistors & capacitors totalling around 3000 parts. You won't ever have to worry about waiting for a package in the mail just for that one damn resistor.

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