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This is a list of commands that can be used with the Argentum: "help" gives you a list of more commands that are implemented.

"pwm x value" - Sets the pwm pin x to value. Value can be between 0 and 255

"pwm 7 255" turns the left fan on "pwm 7 0" turns the left fan off

"pwm 9 255" turns the right fan on pwm 9 0" turns the right fan off

"pwm 8 255" turns the lights on "pwm 0 0" turns the lights off

"red 255" turns the red LEDs on full. The same command can be used for blue and green. Values can between 0 - 255. "red 0" Turns the red LEDs off

"ls" list the files on the SD card "p [filename]" start printing filename on this spot.