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This is the documentation for Argentum v1.0. If you have a different version, please select the correct guide.

First Use v1.1

First Use v1.2

This guide will get you started setting up your Cartesian Co. Argentum - Desktop Electronics Printer for the first time and then printing your first circuit. If you run into any difficulties along the way, you can always check out our Troubleshooting guide. If your printer is pre-assembled, read the whole guide. If you have a self-assembly printer you can scroll down to Calibration and start there.

Open the Box

Set your assembled pinter down on a surface with plenty of room and open the box. If you’re using a box cutter be careful not to cut too deep past the tape as there may be cartridges underneath.

Remove the top layer of foam and accessories box and set them aside. Then remove the packing foam from the sides of the printer.

Next you can remove your Argentum from the box. It's best to try to hold it by the sides as they're the strongest. Try to avoid holding the printer from the corners, front and back as they could break easily.

Be careful! The plastic bag can be slippery.

Once you've got your Argentum out of the box you can remove the plastic packaging. Then remove the tape holding the lid closed and take everything out from within the printer.

It is exceptionally important to remove the zip-tie holding the carriage in place. Be careful not to cut the belt when you do this! We generally use side cutters for this.

Assemble Pin Protector

The pin protector is used to protect the pogo pins which interface with the cartridges.

Open the Accessories box and remove these pieces. They will be used for the pin protector.

Place the black piece through the clear piece and insert a M3 x 10 bolt and square nut as shown.

You can then put the pin protector in the slot at the front right of the printer.

You can then put the pin protector in the slot at the front right of the printer.

You've finished unpacking your Argentum! Well done.