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The Macgyver kit is a surface mount parts library that includes pretty much every component you could ever need off hand in your electronics projects. We have put together the kit to include every component that we regularly use and then a few things you might not have tried before but can be very useful. The Cartesian Co team is working on generating a range of designs that you can create straight out of the box using the Argentum printer and the MacGyver pack. The kit even comes with silver conductive glue and Z-Axis conductive tape for an assembly experience like no other - no soldering required!

The kit can currently be pre-ordered from the Cartesian Co webstore.

Coming soon:

  • Downloadable Eagle library for all components
  • PNG images of each footprint in 600DPI so you can design circuits in any software that can export an image.
  • Specification sheets on each individual component once suppliers are finalized.
  • A larger Deluxe MacGyver Kit with more exotic components

Bill of Materials

Image Description QTY Package What can I do with it?
SILVER CONDUCTIVE EPOXY PASTE 0.2mL 1mL SYRINGE This paste will solidify just like any other glue but also conducts electricity. Great for assembling circuits together without the need for solder or any heat source at all!
Z-AXIS CONDUCTIVE TAPE TBA ADHESIVE TAPE We’re experimenting with alternatives to soldering so that making a board is even easier and safe enough for kids. This tape is conductive only in one axis (perpendicular to the surface) so you can mount many components to your board very easily and without them shorting.
SMD LED - WHITE 20 1206 Give your circuits signs of life. Use for status indicators, game outputs, edge lighting or just making something flash!
SMD LED - BLUE 20 1206
SMD LED - RED 20 1206
SMD LED - GREEN 20 1206
SMD LED - YELLOW 20 1206
SMD LED - RGB 20 5050
SMD RESISTOR - 0R 20 1206 0R resistors are great for jumping tracks - like a poor man's via. Resistors limit current for LEDs, and control regulators. Almost everything you make will need resistors.
SMD RESISTOR - 220R 20 1206
SMD RESISTOR - 1K 20 1206
SMD RESISTOR - 10K 20 1206
SMD RESISTOR PACK, 123 VALS: 0R - 10M 25 1206
SMD CAPACITOR - 10uF 20 1206 Perfect for control circuitry on voltage regulators or 555 timers, as well as generic decoupling for integrated circuits.
SMD CAPACITOR - 22uF 25 1206
SMD CAPACITOR - 47uF 25 1206
SMD CAPACITOR - 100uF 25 1206
SMD CAPACITOR PACK, 16 VALS: 0.5pF - 22uF 20 1206
ATTINY85 5 SOIC-8 8-pin AVR microcontroller – can even be loaded with Arduino firmware using the ISP programmer below. Great for controlling output to LEDs, input from switches and sensors. The brains of your projects.
ATTINY2313 5 SOIC-20 20-pin AVR microcontroller. Also Arduino compatible. ATTINY85’s big brother with a bunch more IO pins and a bit more memory space.
USB AVR ISP PROGRAMMER 1 USB - ISP Perfect tool for loading programs onto your microcontroller boards. Compatible with Arduino firmware uploading.
TLC555 TIMER 5 SOP The ubiquitous 555 timer is great for making something flash, a poor mans signal generator and a million other uses – hopefully you can show us plenty more.
TACTILE MOMENT. SWITCH 10 4x4x1.5mm Low force button well suited for any kind of input you need in your projects. This can be used for games, keypads, 3d Printer controllers etc.
SMD CR1220 SOCKET 10 TBA Best way to mount a very tiny power source for your projects, Can even be soldered to magnets for a quick and easy way to turn your projects on or off
CR1220 3V LITHIUM BATT. 10 CR1220 (12mm OD) Batteries to put into the sockets above. Nice and compact for your wearable electronics or lightweight paper circuits.
LM317LD ADJUSTABLE VOLTAGE REGULATOR: 1.0 – 37V, 100mA 5 SOIC-8 If you’re using a microcontroller or other digital chips, you probably want a voltage regulator to keep everything working as expected. Can be set between 1 and 37V using the provided resistors and capacitors.
78L05 5V LINEAR REGULATOR, 100mA 10 SOT89 A nice and compact voltage regulator just for 5V, very easy to setup and perfect for powering microcontrollers or other integrated circuits.
AMS1117–3.3 3.3V LINEAR REGULATOR 10 SOT223 A nice and compact voltage regulator just for 3.3V, very easy to setup and perfect for powering microcontrollers or other integrated circuits.
2N7002F N-CHANNEL MOSFET 10 SOT23 Perfect for switching higher power - if you need to pull a little more power for your LED, motor or other device, a MOSFET helps to protect your microcontroller pins from being damaged.
S9013 Transistor NPN 25V-500mA 10 SOT23 Similar uses as the MOSFET above but can also be used in other analogue applications such as making an amplifier.
SMD 16MHZ CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR 5 TBA If you need your project to keep time accurately, an oscillator can help you out by keeping your microcontroller running at very precise timing.
SMD MINI USB CONNECTOR 5 MINI USB If you want your project to be powered by a USB port or you want to be able to communicate to your microcontroller, these little connectors are perfect.

MINI USB CABLE 1 MINI USB A cable to go with the USB plugs above.
2x40 SMT MALE HEADER, DOUBLE ROW 5 2.54mm/0.1" PITCH Headers are the best way to allow for connections between your boards, easy reprogramming or even providing power. These headers solder straight onto the track and don’t require a hole in your board.
2K ADJUSTABLE TRIMMING POTENTIOMETER 5 3x3mm Can be used as a linear input device or for controlling the amount of power flowing through your circuit (such as in a stepper motor controller).
1N4007 GENERAL PURPOSE DIODE 10 DO-214AC If you can’t spare the room for a proper voltage regulator, a diode can sometimes suffice. Also good for controlling current direction when making circuits such as an LED chaser.
1N5819 SCHOTTKY DIODE 40V-1A 10 DO-214AC
RESETTABLE PPTC FUSE 500mA 10 1206 A resettable fuse will stop a short circuit from destroying the components or tracks on your board. Even better, you won’t have to replace it once you repair the short.
SURFACE MOUNT SLIDE SWITCH 20 6 PIN 2.54mm PITCH You’re going to need to be able to turn your circuits on and off. This slide switch solders straight down onto your tracks and means you never have to worry about it again.