Modern Printer Command Set

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c - Calibrate Begin the calibration procedure.

This first checks if any limit switches are depressed. If they are, it attempts to free them by moving each motor a fixed number of steps in both directions. If this movement results in a change on the limit switches, we now have at least one mapping of axis to motor.


m, M - Move

m axis steps

0 - Zero

Move to the zero position

) - Set Zero

Set the zero position

pos - Current Carriage Position

Prints the current carriage position

h - Home

Returns the printer to the front left corner

b - Back

Moves the printer to the rear right corner

stest - Stepper Test Function

Puts the printer into a stepper self-test mode. Both axes move back and forth.

s - Speed

s axis speed (mm per minute)

+ - Motors On Command

Enable both stepper motors

- - Motors Off Command

Disable both stepper motors

l - Toggle Rollers

Toggles the current status of the rollers (deployed/retracted)

servo - Set the roller servo position

servo position

Set the roller servo to <position>

p - Print

p [filename]

Execute print file specified by filename. If no filename is provided, the default of ‘output.hex’ is used

P - Pause

Pauses the current print job. Has no effect if we’re not currently executing a print file.

R - Resume

Resumes the current print job. Has no effect if we’re not currently paused, and executing a print file.

? - Print Current Settings

Prints the current printer settings from memory (RAM)

?eeprom - Print Saved Settings

Prints the current printer settings from EEPROM, these are what are loaded on boot

!write - Write the current settings to eeprom

Persist the current printer settings to EEPROM

defaults - Reset the current settings to factory defaults

Resets the current RAM settings to factory defaults (Note: does not inherently persist to EEPROM!)

lim - Limit Switch Status

Prints the current status of the limit switches. If they’re found to be in an invalid state, the logic is inverted in software (i.e. NC vs NO)

ram - Current RAM Consumption

Print the current RAM consumption of the firmware

digital - Issue a generic digital IO command

digital pin status

analog - Issue a generic analog command

analog pin value

sd - (Re)Initialise the SD Card

Useful when you swap the SD card without resetting the printer. Will refresh the file list.

ls - List SD Print Files

Lists all the Argentum print files on the SD card.

red / green / blue

e.g. red [0..255]

Sets that colour LEDs to the supplied PWM value.


pwm pin 0..255

Sets the respective PWM pin to the supplied pwm value. Permitted pins: 7, 8, and 9.

Note: Pin 8 corresponds to the white LEDs in the print area.

volt - Read the cartridge voltage supply

Prints the current value of the cartridge voltage.

help - Print help listing

Prints the help listing, as seen on initial boot. Includes a listing of all installed command functions.