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This article explains what the print_overlap variable does and how to change it.

You can change the print_overlap variable from the Printer Options menu in the ARC software under Utilities > Processing Options. It looks like this:

Printer Options Dialog2.png

The print_overlap variable controls how much ink is deposited by the printers cartridges when printing. print_overlap can be any odd integer less than 103. For pours materials we recommend setting print_overlap to 43. For nonporous materials we recommend setting it to 63.

The higher print_overlap is the more silver will be deposited per layer but a by-product of this is that more liquid by-product is generated. More silver means more conductivity with less layers but the extra liquid can lead to smudging of the circuit.

As a rule of thumb a lower value for print_overlap mans better resolution but longer the print time. Remember that print_overlap can only be an odd integer less than 103.

Now you can [align] your printer!