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How to make a starter circuit!

If you purchased a printer kit it will come with all the components needed to make a two of a simple circuit that lights up when you press a button.

It is very strongly advised that you read through the entirety of Cartridge Care before continuing with this tutorial.

Start by downloading our software from here.

Incase you're having trouble finding the kit this is what it looks like:

Demo circuit.jpg

The first thing we're going to do is check that there are no parts missing from the kit. You should have all the components shown in this photo:

Demo components.jpg

From top to bottom left to right these components are: Shipping decoys, buttons, LEDs resistors. You might be confused by the card like devices that are lab led dculex. Due to shipping regulations we are not able to ship lithium batteries unless they are contained inside an electronic device. This was the cheapest electronic device we could find and contains the CR1220 batteries we'll use in the circuit.

This is the circuit we'll be printing and assembling. Go ahead and save the image to your computer.

LED light.png

The ARC software generates print files from PNG images. The Argentum prints at 600DPI. If you're creating your own designs to print make sure they're exported as a PNG at 600DPI.

Open up the ARC software and click on the process file. Browse to the folder where LED light.PNG is saved to and click Open.

ARC open file.png

Now browse to the directory of your SD card and click Save. If you haven't got a SD reader build into your computer you can use the one provided. It's located in box No. 3 (Misc).

ARC save file.png

Eject the SD card and put it in the SD slot of your Argentum.

Before we print with conductive ink we'll try a dry print to make sure everything is ok with your printer. After the USB cable is connected to your computer and Argentum; and power supply to mains power you can connect to it in the ARC software. The ARC software does not automatically refresh ports so if it was open when you connected your Argentum just close and re-open it. If you have multiple ports and are having difficulty telling which one it is try disconnecting and looking which port is missing from the list.

ARC connecting.png